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Naturally Yours Organic Coconut Oil

Rs. 435.00

Naturally Yours coconut oil is one of finest organic and cold pressed oils available in India. Sourced from the pristine organic farms in southern India, they have a distinct taste and aroma. It can be readily used for cooking on your skin & hair. It can even be used as a massage oil for infants.So go ahead and indulge in the goodness of Naturally Yours Organic & Cold Pressed coconut oil.1. Helps lower bad cholesterol in your body. 2. Keeps candida ( a type of skin infection) in check. 3. Extremely helpful in keeping diabetes under control. 4. Reduces the risk of Heart disease. 5. Keeps your skin and scalp extremly healthy and nourished. 6. Acts as a moisturising agent when used on skin.


Coconut Oil

Directions to use

1 to 2 gm twice a day with honey ,ghee  or milk