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Naturally Yours Himalayan Single Clove Garlic

Rs. 145.00

Single Seed Himalayan Garlic is known as the most potent herb on earth. It is said to be is seven times stronger than the normal Garlic. It is know that pearl garlic contains more than 400 chemical components, many of which can help prevent and treat a diverse range of health problems. 1.Strengthens the immune system 2. Helps in controlling cholesterol levels in the body 3. Controls blood sugar level 4. Aids in Cleansing of the blood 5. Rejuvenates and promotes normal functioning of the liver 6. Regulates digestion and bowel movement


Himalayan Gralic Clove

Directions to use

1. Add Dosa Mix to water. For 1 Cup Dosa Mix, Add 1.5 Cup Water. 2. Stir Well and Soak for 30 Minutes. 3. After 30 Mins Dosa Batter is ready to cook. Serve Hot.