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Kapiva Wheat Grass Juice

by Kapiva
Rs. 450.00

Kapiva’s Wheat Grass Juice is made for anyone who wants to improve the general condition of their body. Wheatgrass is a naturally occurring source of all minerals known to man and hosts a plethora of vitamins, is rich in protein, contains 17 amino acids and has up to 70% chlorophyll


Pure Wheat-Grass Juice 99.99%

Directions to use

Consume 30 Ml Of This Juice With 30 Ml Of Water Twice A Day To Feel It’S Positive Impact On Your Body

Health benefits

• Boosts nervous system, thereby ensuring that the body is well-managed • Enhances capillary strength and reduces blood pressure • Effective anti-ageing agent, controls greying hair and dandruff • Improves functioning of the digestive system • Gargling with it brings relief to a sore throat • Cleanses the skin, purifies blood, kidneys, liver and the urinary tract. Consume 30 ml of this juice with 30 ml of water twice a day to feel it’s positive impact on your body