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Kapiva Pro Digest Tea

by Kapiva
Rs. 249.00

Our Pro-Digest Ayurvedic Tea is a black, pure tea made from high quality, hand-picked Assam tea leaves that undergo the cut-tear-curl manufacturing process. This process helps homogenize the flavour and retains the strong taste and aroma of the tea leaves. The herbs and spices used in this tea are sourced with utmost care so that only the best comes to your kitchen.


CTC tea, cinnamon, triphala, mint, ajwain, liquorice, bay leaf, senna and rose petals.

Health benefits

This Cinnamon Tea is a perfect drink to relieve indigestion problems occurring in the body. Cinnamon present in this Ayurvedic digestive tea has strong anti-inflammatory property which fights infections and toxins inside the digestive system. It supports healthy digestion by clearing out harmful waste. It helps relieve constipation problems and the antioxidants present in our product breaks down toxic substances and makes digestive system strong.