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Kapiva Aloe + Wheatgrass Juice

by Kapiva
Rs. 450.00

Kapiva’s 100% Organic Aloe + Wheatgrass Juice is a great source of detoxification. The juice is made from hand-picked herbs and contains inner natural pulp of Aloe Vera. The juice is 100% organic and free of any synthetic flavour, colour or oils. It cleans your blood by removing impurities and toxins. The product is sugar-free and contains no synthetic impurities to offer great benefits to purify your blood and keep your skin healthier.


80% USDA Organic Aloe Vera, 19.6% Wheat Grass, 0.40% Class II Preservatives

Directions to use

Mix 30Ml Of The Juice In A Glass Of Water. Add Honey/Salt/Sugar As Per Taste. Consume On An Empty Stomach In The Morning.

Health benefits

HOLISTIC WELLNESS: Our Aloe+Wheatgrass Juice is made from freshly grown Wheatgrass and pure Aloe Vera. The Aloe Vera used in our juice is made from freshly extracted pulp from the inner leaf. We deliberately keep some pulp, intact within the juice, to give you complete nutrition and retain the original taste and flavour. We do not add sugar, flavour, gum or colour in our juices. HERBAL DETOXIFIER: This product helps in detoxification of the body, aiding it to battle harmful chemicals that enter our body. Our Wheatgrass Aloe Vera Juice aids in cleansing the impurities and stored toxins in the body, thereby increasing the energy levels and improving overall health. This herbal concoction cleanses the digestive system leading to reduction of acidity issues. HIGH IN NUTRIENTS AND ANTIOXIDANTS: This Aloe+Wheatgrass Juice comes in a 1-litre bottle and both these ingredients are a rich source of antioxidants and vitamins which provide a holistic nutrition to the body. Drinking this organic juice gives your body the essential vitamins which helps fight gastro-intestinal problems and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Additionally, this juice has necessary Vitamins A, C & E that help in smooth functioning of organs. NATURAL GOODNESS OF ALOE VERA JUICE AND WHEATGRASS JUICE: This juice is made from organically grown Wheatgrass and Aloe Vera with no added sugar or flavours. Drinking both these herbs in liquid form will boost your body’s immunity levels. This juice also helps in fighting heartburns, digestive irregularities and skin problems. Alkaline property found in our naturally extracted juice is said to subdue acidic pH found in human body thereby preventing illness. 30ML ON AN EMPTY STOMACH: This juice comes in a 1 litre bottle. Mix 30ml of Aloe+Wheatgrass Juice in a glass of water (room temperature) and consume it on an empty stomach in the morning. If you are comfortable with its taste, you can also have a shot of 30ml without water to gain higher nutrition value. This juice is suitable for individuals above 12 years.