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Akiva Jamun Pepper Guava Ready to Drink Ayurvedic Juice, 6 X 40 ml

by Akiva
Rs. 240.00

AKIVA’s Jamun Pepper is a natural juice shot that is diabetes friendly and works in keeping blood-sugar in control.Not only does Jamun work in significantly reducing blood sugar and insulin levels, it is also a well-known blood purifying agent and powerful source of Vitamin C. Guava further supports Jamun in reducing blood sugar and increasing Vitamin C levels in the body. Black pepper comes with its own sets of benefits, ranging from digestion relief, skin care and improving Vitamin levels in the body.


Jamun Seed Extract, Guava Juice, Lemon Juice, Black Carrot Juice, Black Pepper, Fennel - all sourced fresh from the foothills of Himalayas.

Direction to Use

Ready to drink. No mixing/dilution required. Shake well and Gulp! Drink one shot every morning (preferably before breakfast). Consume regularly for minimum 3-4 weeks.