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AKIVA Apple Cider Vinegar Weight Management Ready to Drink Ayurvedic Shots, 6 X 40 ml

by Akiva
Rs. 175.00

The Apple Cider Vinegar shot is a unique blend of juicy apples that make for the most versatile remedy for numerous health and wellness issues. Vinegar helps increase feelings of fullness and helps curb hunger pangs which leads to weight loss. It has also shown great promise in helping lower blood sugar responses after meals. The wellness juice shot helps boost metabolism, reduce cholesterol, control acne and flush out toxins from the body.


Water, Apple Cider Vinegar (10%), Honey (10%), Preservative (INS 211).

Direction to Use

Ready to drink. No mixing/dilution required. Shake well and Gulp! Drink one shot every morning (preferably before breakfast). Consume regularly for minimum 3-4 weeks.